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Sponsors & Donations

This page is dedicated to all the people who help support our team. Cheerleading can be a costly sport and any donation is appreciated.

There are a few ways you can help contribute to our squad.

The first is by taking advantage of one of our great fund raisers. We will be listing them here so you can look them over from your home or work and decide what best fits you. The dates to start and end each fundraiser will be listed as well as any other details you will need. For your convenience we have added a paypal option if you would like to pay with a credit card.

The second way to help support the squad is by sponsorship. We will list all sponsors on the site (with their approval) and try to send any patrons to those businesses. We will also be willing to work for your company in simple tasks. These could include passing out flyers or business cards at games and other places we visit. If a company is willing to pay extra for promotion items we will have them printed with the company information. The items could be spirit items to use at the games (rooter poms, footballs, noise makers, etc.) or have t-shirts printed up for practice gear and include the sponsor info on them. The spirit items will get more attention, but cheer gear is always needed and we try to wear these in public when ever possible.

The last way you can help out is a straight donation. We will accept checks, cash or paypal. If using paypal please include details about your donation. If you would like more information about donations or where to send funds, please email us at or call Coach Audie at (940)239-0123.

    Owens & Minor wins this years "Top Sponsor Award" for being our largest one time donation sponsor. This is the second year Owens & Minor has sponsored our squad and with their generous donation we have been able to purchase much need supplies.

    Company Profile:

Owens & Minor, Inc., a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Richmond, Va., is the nationís leading distributor of national name-brand medical/surgical supplies. The companyís distribution centers throughout the United States serve hospitals, integrated healthcare systems and group purchasing organizations. In addition to its diverse product offering, Owens & Minor is delivering the difference by helping customers control healthcare costs and improve inventory management through innovative services in supply chain management, logistics and technology.

Founded in 1882, Owens & Minor started as a wholesale drug company. Since 1992, the company has distributed only medical/surgical supplies.

Owens & Minor's common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OMI.
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