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2004 Roster

Vikings Squad

    7/8 Age Group
    Tiara, Lacie, Cierra, Reagan, Kadecia
    (Chalissa & Keilan not pictured)

9/10 Age Group
Macie, Amber, Shannon, Catarin, Lizzy, Gabby

Amber P.
This is Amber's 2nd year with the 9/10 Vikings and second year cheering for DAYFL.

Catarina G.
Catarina has just moved up from the 7/8 age group to the 9/10 this year.

Chalisa S.
Chalisa is a cheerleader for the 7/8 Vikings.

Cierra J.
Cierra has been with DAYFL for several years but this will be her first year to move up to the 7-8 Vikings.

Gabby H.
Gabby has been cheering with DAYFL for 2 years now and this is her second year with the 9/10 age group.

Kadecia A.
Kadecia is a new member of the 7/8 age group.

Keilan J.
Keilan is a member of the 7/8 age group.

Lacie I.
This is Lacie's 1st year to cheer and she will be on the 7/8 squad.

Lizzy S.
Lizzy is a 5 year cheer veteran with DAYFL. She just moved from the 7/8 age group to the 9/10.

Macie C.
Macie is a second year returner to the 9/10 Vikings age group.

Reagan R.
Reagan will have her first year with the 7/8 Vikings squad.

Shannon B.
This year will be Shannon's first year on the 9/10 Vikings and it is also her first year with DAYFL.

Tiara S.
This year will is Tiara's first year on the 7-8 Vikings.

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2004 DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders!