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DAYFL Vikings Cheerleaders

Hi, and welcome to another great year with the DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders! What is DAYFL? It stands for the Denton Area Youth Football League. This year we will be showing off the 2004 7/8 & 9/10 cheerleaders. Our coaching staff will remain with same as the 2003 season, as will most of our practice schedules.  We hope you enjoy our site. Don't forget to come to the games and see us perform!!!

If you would be interested in joining our group, then please look around the site and read a little more about us. You can email to see about signing up for the next football season. Thank you for visiting!


10/16-23/04 Honor Girls
9/10 - Gabby
9/10 - Macie

To read more about each girl please visit our honor girl page.

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Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.


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2004 DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders!