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Honor Girls

What is an Honor Girl? Each week we select one girl that stands out above all the rest during practices and the last game. Each girl is chosen for her own reason and this award is to show her that the coaches and fans notice her for her efforts. The Honor Girl gets her name called out at the beginning of the game and receives flowers, the spirit stick and a patch for her jacket. She also gets to be that weeks captain and has her name put into the Denton Record Chronicle on the following Thursday. Here is the list of all the special girls we have had for the 2004 Season.

Aug. 28, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Tiara S.
Tiara is one of the smallest girls on our team with one of the loudest voices. She is new to cheerleading and this is her first year on our 7-8 squad. Tiara is an awesome cheerleader and learns very fast. She is a strong head cheerleader and can pick cheers fast. Tiara made a perfect team captain for her week.

Aug. 28, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Lizzy S.
This is Lizzy's first year to cheer with us on the 9/10 Vikings but she has been cheering for DAYFL for several years under other coaches. She was on the 7/8 Vikings last year and won 1st place at Cheer-off. Lizzy is a strong leader and loves to cheer. Her energy shows in every game and she can be heard over most girls twice her size. Lizzy is proof great things come in small packages.

Sept. 11, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Lacie I.
Lacie is a first time cheerleader but you would never know by hearing her at the games. Lacie got this award for being loud during her solo intro cheers and knowing all the moves. She is a sweet girl and well liked on the team. Lacie never stops to give you a hug.

Sept. 18, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Catarina G.
Catarina has just moved up from the 7/8 age group to the 9/10 this year and she can cheer with the best of them. Catarina is one of our athletic cheerleads and does perfect cartwheels. She is working on her backbend walkovers and progressing quickly. Catarina adapts well to change and is always willing to try knew things.

Sept. 18, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Ciarra J.
Ciarra is a 2 year veteran with the DAYFL Cheer group and this is her first year with the 7-8 age group. She has a strong booming voice and was awarded Honor Girl for her ability to get every cheer on the first practice. Ciarra is a sweet girl and loves everyone. She shows it with great big hugs and excitement in her voice. Ciarra makes a strong team leader.

Sept. 25, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Amber P.
This is Amber's 2nd year with the 9-10 Vikings and is a asset to our team. Amber was awarded Honor Girl this week for overcoming one of her greatest cheerleading fears.... CARTWHEELS!!! She has been trying to do them for a few years with no luck, not even with the help of 2 gymnastic coaches. She finally got determined enough to learn them all on her own and came to practice with a big surprise.... both feet off the ground at the same time. Great job on all your hard work, Amber.

Sept. 25, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Chalissa S.
Chalissa is a first time DAYFL cheerleader this season. We picked her out at camp and fought to get her on the squad. Chalissa is one that never drops her smile. Her bright eyes shine through her cheers and peps up everyone that watches her. Chalissa won Honor Girl, because she takes her cheer book home and studies it learning all the words will working on her moves. Chalissa also made it for our flyer position and does an awesome job at it.

Oct 2, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Shannon B.
This season is Shannon's first year with the Vikings. She made honor girl with week for her tumbling skills. Shannon is one of the most flexible cheerleaders we have and makes it look easy. She is happy and energetic, which is a must for any cheerleader. Shannon also loves to make up words to new cheers and teach them to the rest of the squad.

Oct 2, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Reagan R.
Reagan is a 1st year cheerleader with the 7-8 Vikings and was chosen for Honor Girl because of her awesome cheerleading skills and bright smile.

Oct 9, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Gabby H.
Gabby has been cheering with the Vikings for 2 years. She is a talented cheerleader and the backbone to our squad. She holds everything together and is essential to our team.

Oct 9, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Macie C.
This week the 9-10's had 2 honor girls! Macie was chosen for her hard work and spirit. There are too many reason to even list why she was chosen. Congrats Macie!

Oct 16, 2004 7-8 Honor Girl Kadecia A.
This is Kadecia's first year to cheer with DAYFL and she loves to do cartwheels! Kadecia was chosen as Honor Girl for her sweetness and tumbling skills.

Oct 23, 2004 9-10 Honor Girl Keilan J.
Keilan is a true sweeetheart. She is friends with anyone she meets and loves to cheer. Keilan is nice and loud at games with a great big smile for the fans.

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