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Pool Party

This year we had our get to know eachother party with the football players after our first game. We had a blast and it was very laid back. One of the football players moms got together with the team mom and rented a neighborhood pool. There were 2 pools with a covered patio between, so we were worried the boys would be in one and the girls in the other. Luckily they all interacted and had fun.

To start the party off, one of the dads thought up a great game!!! He greased up a watermellon with vasaline and told the boys the first one to get it out of the pool wins.

We weren't too sure the boys weren't going to drown eachother before we had a winner!

But finally we did get a winner! My camera died soon after this so I missed the girls turn. Macie was the winner in that game.

Team Mom Travina was throwing all the kids in the pool so now it was payback time!

She called for the boys to help her and they jumped to it. Unfortunately for Travina, they helped the girls instead

They finally got her off that pole! But man is she strong.

I missed getting the shot of her falling in the pool (camera problems again), but here she is all wet.

Now it is Lizzy's turn to get throw in.

Paige, just taking it easy in the water.

Catarina and Lauren decide to race and see who the fastest swimmer is.

Macie testing out the saftey devices.

Lauren striking another goofy pose.

Lizzy looks a little cold all wet.

Guess she wasn't the only one. Catarina is cold too.

Lizzy and Catarina have a noodle race.

Amber showing off her "ta-daa" pose.

Shannon trying to stay out of trouble. She even looks guilty just sitting there!

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