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7/8 Broncos vs Vikings
Aug. 21, 2004

Final score was Broncos 28 - Vikings 0

Vikings Rope The Broncos!!!.

The 9/10 Cheerleaders helped out at this first game so the 7/8's weren't could learn how game days run.

Let's Go Vikings!!!. Guess that sign will have to be redone now.

The boys get warmed up with a good pep-talk from their coach.

The girls get fired up for their first cheer as a team.

Keilan did a great job keeping in beat with everyone.

Lacie kept her eye on the fans most of the game.

Everyone "boogies to the beat"!

It is Ciarra's intro to boogy, will Kadecia keeps in time.

Reagan and Keilan cheered their hearts out. They were nice and loud.

Now it is Tiara's turn to show how loud she can be.

Lacie turns around and she boogies to the beat.

Keilan and Lacie watch as Tiara starts to turn around.

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2004 DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders!