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Scarborough Fair

In April 2004 the cheerleaders got to make a trip to Scarborough Fair! Here are some pics of the fun stuff we got to do and the interesting people we saw.

Here are all the girls when we first went through the gates. These are just a few of the people that stopped us asking "why we were wearing all the same clothes"? and "They must be royalty because they are purple & gold!" These ladies where very fun.

From left to right: Gabby, Macie, Lauren, Shannon, Amber and little Bailey in front.
Or better known to the town folk as "Cheree', Cheree', Cheree', Cheree', Cheree' & Mystery!"
They called us this ALL day because "cheer" is not a word they knew.

This Lady announced the town dancers. She showed us lots of attention (which was great!). She spoke with an accent like everyone else. She seemed like an important person at court.

This was another town Lady that did some dancing and speaking. They all have accents from the countries they are from. Most are Old English, but there are also some Celts, Irish and Scotsmen.

We even saw a few Vikings!!! Glad we don't have to wear THOSE uniforms!

Here is a pair of dancers. The men dress as fancy and bright as the women in those days. I loved this red and gold outfit. And we thought our clothes were expensive!

Everyone danced single file around a big oak tree. They even used live music which was cool.

One of the best parts was the butterfly show. We got some beautiful pics of them. They taught us how they grow and showed us some chrysalis where new butterflies would be born. It was still cool outside so we had to be very careful where we stepped. The butterflies lay on the side walk with their wing spread out on the sidewalk to warm them up. They can not fly with cold wings.

We got to go through a maze and at the top was a look out. Gabby, Shannon and Macie look out of the windows.

Amber takes a break at one of the windows. There was a nice breeze from up there.

Lauren lift Bailey up to see out.

Now for some goofy fun! Everyone took time to pose with the props. This is Amber & Lauren

Lauren & Amber switch sides.

Macie & Shannon's turn.

Now Shannon & Macie switch.

Gabby & Bailey.

Bailey & Gabby. Looks like Bailey must be on her tippy toes back there!

This was a couple that posed with us. That really looks like his body!!!

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If you would like to visit Scarborough Fair next spring please visit there website at

2004 DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders!