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9/10 Vikings vs Mean Green
Aug. 21, 2004

This was a tough game! We were winning through the entire game until the Mean Green scored a TD in the last minute of the game. Vikings 8 - Mean Green 12

Take the Mean out of Green!!!.

This is the first year for the Mean Green team so we didn't realy know what to expect from them.

The cheerleaders wait for the boys to bust through the banner.

Shannon's mom Anne thought she would be funny and get Coach Audie on video, o it was payback time! Macie's MiMi thought it was funny too.

The boys finally showed up.

The girls perform the Liberty formation. It was nice and steady at the game.

Once Lizzy feels stable she poses.

This is one of the newest stunts we have learned.

Catarina start at a full run to pull off a great round off.

OUr basket toss has gotten very high. Good thing Lizzy is fearless.

Getting steady is the trickest part.

Catarina tells the team wich way we need a touch down.

Now the rest of the team shows them.

Macie and Lizzy decide if he saved it.

"Are we defense or offense"?

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2004 DAYFL Viking Cheerleaders!