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Gabby's 11th Birthday Party

All the 9/10 cheerleaders where invited to share Gabby's 11th birthday poolside!!!.

Everyone had such a blast this day. We could all just relax and have a good time goofing off together outside of cheerleading. We had fun games and lots of swimming.

The girls had way too much sun so the night was very welcome.

Gabby was a little afraid of those sparkling candles. She did finally get them blown out..

Gabby's cake was decorated with real flowers!

Here is the rest of the table.

The party was at Gabby's aunt BethAnne's pool. It was beautiful there.

The inside of the house was also decorated and had a nice spread of munchies complete with some yummy punch.

We had a great time playing games. Here we had a cd with movie & TV theme songs that we had to guess what they where from.

Macie's dad got into the spirit of the party too.

The girls next took turns on a baby rollercoster.

This game was alot of fun.... mostly for us adults. We got to laugh at the girls while they tried to get a small rubber ball from their mouth to a cup that hung from a chain around their neck. The only rule was they had to keep their hands behind their backs!

Catarina will kill us for this picture!!!!

Some other party goers where Kale and Gabbys cousin.

One of Gabby's gifts was a tea set for one.

Gabby blowing out those sparkle candles in the dark.

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